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Article: 10 Eco-Conscious Mother's Day Gift Ideas

10 Eco-Conscious Mother's Day Gift Ideas

10 Eco-Conscious Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away! While we’re all looking for ways to show our Moms how much we love them, it helps to also show some love the real OG, Mother Earth. So, we’ve put together an inspiring list of eco-friendly gift ideas that will delight your Mom and help protect our planet.

10 Sustainable Gifts for Mom

Stasher bags

If your Mom is anything like mine, she recycled before curbside pickup was a thing, and dragged you to the local facility to DIY. If you were lucky, she let throw the empty pickle jar into the big glass dumpster so you could hear the crash. This year for Mother’s Day, reward her for her decades of environmental service with a set of stasher bags. Reusable, sustainable, fun and functional, they’ll be her favorite new planet-saving accessory.

Sustainable tabletop decor

If your Mom loves to play hostess, surprise her with unique yet timeless dining accessories from stasher’s sister brand, modern-twist. The placemats, table runners, and coasters are made from food-grade silicone that is silk screened by hand to create a beautiful and sustainable textile. They’re spill proof, non-slip and can be tossed in the dishwasher if necessary. Use code MOM20 at check out to save 20% now thru Mother’s Day on!

sustainable silicone placemats from Modern-Twist

Essential oils

Everyone could use a little therapy these days, and with all Moms do, they deserve to top the list. Get her some frankincense to build immunity, reduce inflammation, heal age spots and support brain function. Or treat her to some invigorating and detoxifying eucalyptus. Different essential oils can be blended together to enhance their benefits or can be blended with a base oil for massage, shower gels and body lotions. Look for pure, fair-trade oils produced by ethical companies like Mountain Rose Herbs or Plant Therapy.

Spring bulbs

A gift that keeps on giving! Plant some new bulbs with your Mom this spring and they’ll be blooming by summer. Not only will they make mom’s yard look amazing, but they’ll also attract pollinators such as bumble bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. You could also put a few bulbs in a basket for a beautiful gift if you can’t get your hands dirty together.

Bird feeder 

As you stroll through your local farmer’s market this weekend or if you happen to pop into an artisan shop, keep your eyes peeled for a handcrafted bird feeder for Mom. Bird watching is a fun hobby, and feeding them is also great for our planet. There are some beautiful handmade feeders out there made with sustainable materials, or you could always make one yourself. Consider this paired with some bird seed!

upcycled bird feeder

All-natural bath bomb

There’s nothing like a nice long soak. Treat Mom to her best bathing experience yet with an skin-enriching, all-natural bath bomb. There are lots of bombs and other bath products on the market that don’t include harsh chemicals or preservatives. We love the assortment at Lush, and admire their use of Social Plastic® materials.

Live plants

Rather than a bouquet of cut flowers, opt for something living and breathing! Gift good ‘ole Mom with a new house plant that will provide beauty and purify the air. Maybe choose  a succulent if her thumb isn’t so green, or check out this list of indoor plants that can handle a little neglect. An herb garden is also a great idea if she likes to cook.

Up-cycled jewelry

There are some incredibly beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry out there that are made from repurposed materials. Take a peek at Etsy’s up-cycled jewelry category if this idea strikes a chord, or consider making something like this on your own. A child’s handmade gift is always Mom’s favorite.

ShatteredHues jewelry in Glendale

Eco-friendly Candles

Candles may not be the most thoughtful gift, but they’re certainly one of the most widely appreciated. The most eco-friendly candles are made with beeswax or soy wax, burn cotton wicks, and come in a non-plastic container that Mom can reuse when the candle is kaput. Some of our faves come from Paddywax and Capri Blue.

Loose leaf teas

Did you know that most tea bags contain polypropylene to keep their shape? This means that even if you compost tea bags instead of sending them to the landfill, it turns out that they don’t break down well and they actually contaminate the compost instead. While many tea makers are working to produce biodegradable paper bags (which will be costly), it’s best to simply go loose. Loose leaf teas are also likely to be fresher, higher in quality and less expensive. Be sure to also grab Mom and infuser, or a teapot with an infuser build right in.