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Plastic Free Planet

Rethinking Plastic

When you buy food in plastic packaging, when you store food in plastic bags, and especially when you heat food in plastic containers, hundreds of harmful chemicals leach from the plastic into your food. Phthalates — the chemical term for plastics — have been linked to serious health conditions including cancer, diabetes, depression, memory loss, chronic inflammation and hormonal disorders.

Everyone on Earth should understand the issue and have the chance to make informed choices. Our mission is to not only educate people on the dangers of plastic, but to provide safe, plastic-free alternatives that people can trust.

 Earth in the Balance

How many plastic sandwich bags have you thrown away in your lifetime? Hundreds? Thousands? Multiply that by the population of Earth and you understand the size of the issue we’re tackling.

Climate change and pollution present the most critical threats we face collectively as humans. Petroleum-based waste is a big part of this, and it’s causing disastrous damage to the environment. By helping people realize how much plastic exists in our everyday lives — and what happens when we’re “done with it” — we can all become more Earth-friendly consumers.

Recycling alone isn’t the answer. Our mission is to provide a reusable alternative to disposable plastic baggies and single use plastic containers, a valuable step towards a lasting solution. 

Silicone vs. Plastic

 • 20 million plastic sandwich bags go to landfill every day in the U.S.

 •  It takes over 500 years for a plastic bag to break down in a landfill

 •  Plastic contains dangerous chemicals that are toxic to people and the planet

 •  Stasher is made of pure platinum silicone - all natural products, no plastic

Sure, plastic is convenient and easy to use, but there’s no question that it’s toxic to the environment, and more worryingly, to our bodies. fortunately, you now have a healthier option: silicone is a more flexible, sustainable, and safer alternative to plastic, so it’s good for people and the planet.

4 Ways to Love Our Planet

Small changes can make a big impact. There are lots of little things you can do every day to show mother earth some love.

To get started, stasher invites you to follow the 4 "R"s: reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink.


Less really is more—especially when it comes to saving natural resources and protecting the environment. reducing waste means making thoughtful choices every day. the less you throw away, the better for everyone.

• buy only what you truly need

• choose sustainably produced products with minimal packaging

• compost food and organic waste

• repair instead of buying new

• borrow infrequently used items

• take mass transit, ride a bike or walk to work



• always buy reusable vs. disposable items (hello Stasher!)

• byob: bring your own (reusable) bags when you shop

• visit consignment shops, thrift stores and the library

• donate used clothes, books and household items

• organize a neighborhood garage sale


Cans, bottles, paper, minerals, timber, electronics, and more can now be repurposed instead of going to landfill. recycling reduces waste, conserves resources, saves energy, helps prevent pollution and reduces greenhouse gases. recycling also creates jobs and saves money—it’s a win-win for everyone.

• participate in curbside recycling programs

• recycle large appliances and building supplies

• check with your local waste management company to learn more about e-waste recycling programs in your area

• buy products made with recycled materials


of all the 4 rs, this might be the easiest. simply changing the way you think can make a big difference. learn to be more conscious about what you buy, and what you throw away. make thoughtful choices every day and you’ll see how little things add up over time.

• make smarter choices when you buy

• reconsider what you throw away

• share what you can: rides, stuff, food

• get involved (volunteer for beach clean up days, create a community garden, organize a neighborhood garage sale)