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Article: Warm Up From The Inside: Soup in a Stasher, Two Ways

Warm Up From The Inside: Soup in a Stasher, Two Ways

Warm Up From The Inside: Soup in a Stasher, Two Ways

Sometimes we just need a big 'ole hug. Whether you get that hug from your favorite person, your favorite blanket, or a furry friend, comfort is what we're looking for. And what brings more feelings of comfort than a big bowl of soup? 

We love soup, and soup is soup-er easy to make with a Stasher bag: just toss all of your ingredients in and cook. Bonus: whatever you don't use can be frozen and reheated in the same bag. Talk about easy clean-up! 

Need a big bowl of hugs today? Check out two of our favorite soup recipes right here. 

Vegetarian Minestrone Soup in a Stasher 

This minestrone soup recipe is inspired by the recipes your grandma used to make. It’s cozy and filling, and healthy, to boot. You can prep fresh ingredients ahead of time, like diced veggies and grated parmesan, and store them in Stasher bags in the fridge ‘til you’re ready to cook. We recommend the stand-up mid or half gallon for this recipe. 


Healing Pho in a Stasher 

Traditional pho is packed with so many healing ingredients. This recipe is a modern take on the ancient dish, but healing nonetheless. Bone broth adds a ton of protein to your meal while reducing inflammation and building the lining of your gut with collagen. Grated ginger and mint pack a ton of flavor while helping to soothe any bellyaches and clear out nasal passages. No matter how much you make, there's a Stasher stand-up to hold your soup for freezing or storing. 

Your turn 

What are your favorite soup recipes? Post yours to Instagram and tag @Stasherbag. We'd love to try them! 


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