A Shoutout to Sustainable Small Businesses Doing Good

Small Business Saturday is a great day to honor and support local retailers that are giving back to their communities. We at Stasher are lucky enough to work with hundreds of small businesses and independent retailers that not only stock Stasher bags on their shelves, but provide education and community support to the plastic-free movement all over the world. 

Today, we wanted to take a moment to thank them all, and highlight a few that are doing good in their local areas. But first, a word from Stasher's CEO and Founder, Kat Nouri: 

"We are so grateful for the dedication and support that our amazing small business community provides in elevating and bringing more awareness to the plastic-free movement. They are the unsung heroes that have played an invaluable hand in stocking Stasher bags on their shelves and who support other mission-driven organizations every day"

Where are you shopping on Small Business Saturday? If not at one of these three awesome independent stores, then maybe a local Stasher retailer near you


Petaluma Seed Bank 

Being focused on the earth by way of seeds, of course the Petaluma Seed Bank also stocks all the eco-friendly and sustainable needs for every planet-focused lifestyle. Not only that, but the Seed Bank also helps educate the community about sustainable practices, growing your own food, and has never used a plastic bag in the entirety of the business. Well done! 

Petaluma Seed Bank | Stasher Bags


One World Zero Waste 

Purveyors of the sustainable lifestyle, the owners of One World Zero Waste don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk: they host informational sessions in store on the power of composting, how to DIY green cleaning supplies, rainforest yoga, and welcome the community at large into the conversation by speaking at schools and other local events. Did we mention all the items in their store are made by local seamstresses (who just happen to be family)? Yeah, talk about #goals. 

One World Zero Waste | Stasher Bags



Patina is one of those stores you just want to hang out in because everything is so beautiful to look at. But there are things going on behind the scenes that you wouldn't expect — Patina installed solar panels in their Minneapolis-based store, are committed to using recycled boxes and bags, and have swapped out plastic in favor of paper in all areas of their business.  Patina is proof that every small step counts! 

Patina | Stasher Bags


Want to see how other sustainable small businesses are making an impact in their communities? Check out our Instagram feed today

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