Your Mom Needs to be Pampered. Here are 5 Relaxing Gifts to Help Her Self-Care and Chill

Being a mom (or ... human) is hard work sometimes. Work, kids, partners, pets, traffic, meetings, bills, bedtime routines and repeat. And while most of us know that being a mom is one of the greatest jobs in the world, it can get a little overwhelming at times. That's why we're so excited to celebrate our moms this year with gifts that reflect not only what they love but what they need

And your mom? She needs some self-care. They all do. 

We hand picked these gift ideas because they're sure to help her leave her stress behind and recharge ... even if only for a few hours. Hey, every little bit helps


Akar Mini's Kit ($75) 

If you really want to spoil mom and keep her skin as radiant as the day she was born, check out Akar's Mini Kit that comes stocked with a selection of serums, oils, and magic, all inspired by Tibetan philosophy of living mindfully. We're already relaxed. 


Stasher Stand-Ups ($19.99) 

The Stasher Stand-Up isn't just great for storing food — it's also perfect for keeping your sacred beauty products safe when you travel. We tested those Akar Minis and let's just say this is a match made in the Himalayas. 


West and Wilder Sparkling Wine Set ($70) 

If hanging by a pool and reading a book sounds like an awesome way to spend a self-care day, then ring the alarm because Alexa just told us it's "wine o'clock."

But not just any wine will do, no ma'am. This West and Wilder Sparkling Wine set gives your mom sparkling wine three ways — rosé, rosé white, and sparkling white — while supporting the best environmental practices as fellow members of 1% for the Planet. Plus, it comes in a can which is the only safe and sane way to enjoy poolside vino. 


The Spirit Almanac Audiobook ($17.50) 

This "modern guide to ancient self-care" was penned by two of our faves from MindBodyGreen, Emma Loewe and Lindsay Kellner. The Spirit Almanac will guide your mom through the historical, scientific, and faith-based foundations of self-care and give her the tools to create a routine that helps her manage those gnarly stress triggers she's carrying around with her.

We may have to gif this one to ourselves as well. 


Punjammies Mina Lounge Pants ($54.00)

Soft fabric, wide leg, can't lose. These Sudara Mina Lounge Pants are quite literally, a dream come true with the rich pattern and easy fit, but your soul will be replenished with every purchase because Sudara pants fund job creation and training for women in India who are working to remain free from sex slavery. We can definitely get behind that mission. 


Give Yourself a Little Love, Too  

One for her, one for you: sign up to join the Plastic-Free Movement and get 20% off your next order. Consider it our little gift to you both. 


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