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Article: Cravings x Stasher

Cravings x Stasher

Cravings x Stasher

A Match Made in the Kitchen

We’re big fans of Cravings and getting creative in the kitchen. So you can imagine how excited we are to combine some of our favorite things with these great tips from organizing expert Krystal Guinn and Chrissy Teigen. See how Stasher bags can help bring some much-needed zen to your fridge — especially if you have a busy family! 

How to Organize Your Fridge the Right Way

Get grouping.

Designate specific areas for snacks, condiments, and types of food.

Think inside the box.

Compartmentalize with dividers and bins to keep your groups tidy.

Ditch the packaging. 

Unpack food items and store in clear containers to monitor inventory.

Stack front to back. 

Size matters in the fridge. Put tall items in the back for visibility. 

Color code it.

Keep food fresh and organized with the whole rainbow of Stasher bags.


Ready to take your kitchen to the next level? Shop the exclusive Cravings x Stasher line here!

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