Healthy Snacks on the Go: Tasty Ideas From an Expert Hiker (Who's Climbed Everest)

Instagram may be a feast for the eyes, but it can also help us feast IRL. And let's be real: with the amount of time we spend checking out all of your awesome #StasherBag posts, you can bet that the 'gram is our favorite place to find soul sustenance, too. 


So when we wanted to find out what to stash in our coolers, daypacks, and camping food bags for our upcoming summer adventures, we tapped our favorite outdoorsy Instagram community for the scoop. Hitting the road this summer, too? Then you're definitely going to want to stay tuned for all the tips we've got coming up for you. 


Image: Instagram user /bremirynech

Since we're driven by our stomachs, we're always on the lookout for a new pack-worthy snack. For this expertise, we turned to hiker extraordinaire Bre Mirynech of The Average Adventurer  who told us about her favorite trail bites. Not only does Bre live in Banff (jealous, much?) but she's tackled treks of all levels around the globe, including Everest. Needless to say she's a snack packing pro and her favorite trail lunch fills us with all kinds of nostalgia. 


Bre says, "Call me old fashioned, but I love a good ol’ PB&J for lunch on day hike." How long has it been since you've had a PB&J!? Classic. Easy. Delicious. She also brings a variety of snacks including dehydrated fruit, beef jerky (which she makes herself) and nuts. "Nuts are a must." Couldn't agree more, girl. And by the way, all those pack nicely in a Stasher snack or sandwich bag. You might even say they're made for each other. 


Bre also gives us a healthy "treat yoself" reminder with her last pro packing tip: "I always bring a treat. Candy or cookies, just something as a nice reward at the end of the day or on a summit." 


We're excited to hit the trails with you this summer so we want to know: what are you stashing in your backpack? Share your shots with us using #StasherSquad on Instagram and we might feature you, too! 


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