Backpacking Meal Prep in 3 Steps: The Formula You Need to Know

Planning a multi-day backpacking trip this season? There's nothing like submerging yourself completely in the wonders of the wilderness, but it can be quite an undertaking (if not a little overwhelming) to plan. Especially if it's your first time heading out on the trail for more than an afternoon. What kind of gear do you need? How do you read the maps properly? What is an "essential" and what isn't? It's a lot to tackle. 

But thanks to our friend and professional hiker, Bre Mirynech, you can check the meal prep research off your list since she shared her expert tips with us here. #Blessed. 

Her three step process makes meal prepping for 1-, 3-, or 5-day backpacking trips simple as pie. Mmmm, pie. Check it out below. 


Step 1: Write it Out

Start with a meal plan. I grab some paper and write down breakfast, lunch, and dinner, snacks and treats, then underneath I write what I would like for each of those meals. I personally have quite an appetite, especially when I am backpacking, so having a plan is important for me because I want to make sure I get the right amount of food as well as I want to be excited about the food I have to eat


Step 2: Make an Ingredients List

From there, I break down every ingredient I need to buy. Having it all down on paper makes it easy to take your list to the grocery store.


Step 3: Pack and Label

After it's all purchased and made, I put each meal, snack, and treat into Stasher bags and label it with a piece of paper inside (i.e. Tuesday Lunch). It's organized, and some may say a little over the top, but I find it helps my food prep go smoothly and then I know exactly what I am having each day I am out. 


What are you stashing on your adventures this summer? Share your photos (especially with Stasher hiking food bags) and travel tips with us on Instagram using #Stasherbag and we may feature you in an upcoming post! 


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