Curious About Zero Waste Living? Here's What a Week in the Life Looks Like

We know that the concept of going zero waste may be overwhelming, which is why we were thrilled when Sara Weinreb, founder of The M List, a daily guide to holistic + sustainable living, offered to show us a week in the life of a woman on a mission to go waste-free. Check out her story below and share your zero waste and sustainable tips with us on Instagram by using #StasherBag.

Take it away, Sara! 

While Earth month is my favorite month of the year, I also try my best to celebrate earth day every day. One of the ways I live sustainably is by consciously reducing my waste. Whether it’s avoiding single-use plastics or reducing the amount of food that spoils, I am dedicated to doing my part when it comes to taking care of this very fine planet we all inhabit.

My Stasher bags help me nearly every step along the way in my journey towards zero waste. Today I’m going to take you along in a week of how I use my Stasher bags for a low waste lifestyle.

Taking my morning elixir on the go

Every morning I make a adaptogen and superfood-packed elixir. I buy the ingredients in bulk and blend them up in my blender with hot water. For mornings when I am on the go or pressed for time, I throw all my superfoods into my snack Stasher and then mix them with hot water or into my coffee when I get to the office, airport, or wherever my day is taking me. There are a lot of adaptogens, collagen, and functional mushrooms that come in single-use packets for on the go usage, but I love that I can avoid using those and causing trash. I also will use a Stasher to carry loose leaf tea for the same reason!

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Buying in bulk

I love to save money and save the planet by buying in bulk at my local health food store. Rice, nuts, seeds, dates… you name it, I try to always buy it package free! I keep my Stasher bags with me so they are ready if I ever pass a shop that I want to fill up at. I love that I can avoid packaging and it ends up being cheaper. Plus, groceries just look prettier in colorful bags, don’t they? Pro tip— ask the cashier to weigh them before you fill them so you only have to pay for what you put inside!

Keeping produce fresh

Lately I have been eating avocados and grapefruits like it’s my job, but I only generally eat half at a time! Storing the other half in my Stasher keeps it fresh for days. I also love to use them for keeping herbs fresh. It’s so easy to see what’s inside (and then go for that other half of grapefruit). I love that using Stasher helps me avoid using disposable plastic bags, and that it prevents food waste because it prevents my produce from spoiling.

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Carrying my zero waste essentials

I carry around my zero waste kit everywhere I go— silverware (normally my bamboo set!), a metal straw, and a produce bag or two so if I am stopping by the grocery store or farmer’s market I won’t have to use a plastic bag. I use my cutlery and straw everywhere— I am not bashful about taking them out when I am at a fast casual restaurant with friends, in the office, or anywhere on the go. I feel great knowing that it saves plastic and sometimes it even spurs conversation where I can encourage someone else to do the same.

Storing compost

I don’t have a backyard compost (#citygal), so I store my compost in my freezer and bring it to the farmer’s market on the weekend. I love using my Stasher bag to collect compost because it seals well and it’s so easy to clean once I drop off the compost at the market. Storing your compost in the freezer in a bag means it doesn’t smell and you barely even notice it’s there.

Keeping food out of landfills and into compost means that we can use our leftovers to return to the ground most naturally and provide nutrients to the earth. Plus, it means your garbage probably wont stink. Everyone wins!

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