Field Trips, Abound: 6 Ways Stasher Bags Can Keep Your Kid Prepared For Anything

Field trips were a big deal when I was a kid (as I'm sure you can relate). It was the highlight of the week (month, even?!) to get out of class and out into the wilderness, zoo, or water park for an afternoon. Now as an adult, I think about field trips in a whole new way — how could I stash and organize everything one might possibly need for a day away from class?  

Well, I did the homework for you — whether you're a chaperone or your kids are rolling solo, here are five ways Stasher bags can help you have a well organized, fun, and safe field trip this school year. 


Keepin' Snacks Safe and Sound 

Whether you’re packing a sandwich for a field trip, or a Stasher snack bag full of pretzels, cookies, apple slices, or carrot sticks, Stasher bags are the perfect leak-free way to transport your snacks while keeping them fresh. They are also great to keep granola bars or other packaged snacks from being lost and then smushed on the bottom of your child’s backpack!


Stash Some Cash 

If cash is required for a field trip, the Pocket Stasher is perfect. Throw in coins, bills, library cards, bus passes, and anything else your child might need in the wallet-sized Stasher. 


Mind Your Meds

If your child needs to carry any medication, an epipen, or an inhaler, an appropriate sized Stasher bag is a great way to keep those handy, dry, and safe from the elements. Pro tip: you can write on the outside of the Stasher bag with a dry erase marker indicating what’s inside or any directions that a teacher may need to know. Of course, be cognizant of the needs of the medication — it's up to you to determine if a Stasher is the proper environment for it. 


Leak-Free Toiletries 

It’s always useful to have a pack of tissues on you, and depending on the day, it might be helpful to have bug spray, lip balm, sunscreen, or other items to keep safe and protected! Snack-sized Stasher bags are perfect for on-the-go and travel-sized items and is especially great for keeping sunscreen from exploding or leaking onto everything else in your kids' backpack. 


Quick Change Artist 

If you have little ones or trekking out on a field trip where a change of clothes might be needed, the Half Gallon or Stand-Up Stasher bags are for you. Throw in extra socks, a t-shirt, or whatever you might need after a day of learning in the wild. An added bonus— once it’s empty, it’s perfect for storing wet clothes to prevent your backpack (and everything else in it) from getting soaked. 

resusable silicone sandwich bag, first aid kit | stasher bags

To the Rescue 

Pack a backup first aid kit full of band-aids, bandages, antiseptic wipes, and other essentials in a Sandwich bag for safe keeping in your kid's backpack. Hopefully it won't be needed but will help you rest easy. 


This post was written by Sara Weinreb. She is the host of the Medium Well podcast, sustainability and design thinking consultant, contributor at Forbes, and shares it all on Instagram @saraweinreb 

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