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Starter Kits: Here's to the start of a li'l something beautiful with these best sellers — and a major win for our ocean.


Here's to the start of a li'l something beautiful with these best sellers.

Reusable Silicone Bag Starter Kits

Stasher bag Starter Kits are your key to a waste-free lifestyle. Kickstart your reusable lifestyle with our thoughtfully curated reusable silicone bag starter kits, featuring a versatile selection of Stasher Bags and Bowls. Available in various sizes and colors, all crafted from food-safe silicone, these kits are designed to make your transition to eco-friendly living seamless and stylish. 

Silicone Bag Starter Kit Sizes  

We simplify the transition to sustainable reusables from plastic with our various starter kits. Our starter kits include options that come in the following sizes: 

  • Reusable Bags Starter Kit 7-Pack: Our most popular and top-rated starter kit as it provides a variety of bag sizes and bowls for helping you to start your reusable bags collection!  
  • Silicone Bags Starter Kit 9-Pack: A great storage solution for anyone getting started in silicone bags. Our 9-pack gives you a selection of 9 bags and bowls!  
  • Silicone Bowls 5-Pack Starter Kit: Love silicone bows and their stand-open bottoms? This collection lets you get a selection of your favorite bowls. 
  • Silicone Bags 12-Pack Starter Kit: Our largest starter kit with 12 different sizes to offer a variety of storage options.  
  • Silicone Starter Kit 5-Pack: A smaller starter kit option that still gives you a taste of the sustainable silicone lifestyle. Our 5-pack is a great way to fall in love with Stasher bags!  
  • Beauty Pack 3-Pack: A new addition to our silicone bag line up are the beauty bags. Perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle, and they offer a durable, leak-free solution.  

Simplify Your Storage Choices 

Stasher bag Starter Kits simplify your storage choices by providing a complete set of reusable items suitable for a range of purposes. Whether you're a parent packing school lunches or a meal prepper planning ahead, our kits cater to your diverse storage requirements. Embrace the simplicity of reusable options that go beyond the ordinary.