Saving the Rainforests, One Donation at a Time

Rainforests are a key ecosystem supporting life on this planet. From the lush vegetation, animal life, and life-giving oxygen production, they're a resource that needs to be protected in order for our species to survive.

Propelled by the devastating fires in the Brazilian Amazon in August (and fires that continue to devastate the landscape and displace the indigenous people that call the Amazon home), we are partnering with Rainforest Alliance during Giving Tuesday by matching donations made on Rainforest Alliance's website

Our goal with this donation is to help mitigate deforestation in the most threatened areas, like the Maya Biosphere, Peruvian and Columbian Amazon. Rainforest Alliance is doing amazing work through education, outreach, and supporting indigenous populations and we're proud to be partnering with them on Giving Tuesday because as you may know, just because Amazon fires aren't headline news today, doesn't mean the devastation isn't continuing.

From the Rainforest Alliance website: "Our work brings real, measurable benefits to farmers, forest communities, and indigenous people around the world." 

In fact, after 32 years of working to advance biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods around the world, Rainforest Alliance has made huge impacts on both a local and global scale. They've worked with over 60 global nations and over two million farmers to cultivate and save seven million hectares of sustainable forests (and counting) from deforestation. 

Head on over to the Rainforest Alliance website to learn more about their organization, community, and how you can help. And if you are able, make a donation today


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