Plastic-Free May: Big Strides in the Fight Against Plastic

The news about the health of our planet can get overwhelming, and quite frankly, pretty depressing. Which is why we love serving up this monthly roundup of news, developments, and shouting out some amazing progress towards a plastic-free planet. Despite the doom and gloom you may find on your Twitter feed, we are making a positive impact towards a better world thanks to you. 

Let's celebrate the wins from this month — grab a glass and let's get to it. 


The London Marathon Reduces Plastic 

We closed out April with the excitement of the London Marathon and the extra added bonus of learning how organizers offered edible seaweed pods filled with sports drinks to runners at mile 23 to cut down on plastic waste. Brilliant! A successful experiment that could see major benefits to sport races and other events in the future. 


Air Travel Goes Zero Waste 

We love traveling just as much as you do, but the airline industry hasn't exactly been thought of as leaders in the plastic-free movement. Until now, that is. Quantas launched the first zero-waste flight in Australia this month, offering a smorgasbord of plastic-free and compostable items on it's inaugural waste-free flight from Sydney to Adelaide. The effort was inspired by cabin crews speaking out against waste (the airline produces around 165 tons of waste per year) and a desire to reduce their eco footprint. 

Items include meal containers made out of biodegradable sugar cane packaging, cutlery made from crop starch, and paper cups. But the fun doesn't stop there: Andrew David, CEO of Qantas' domestic division says, "These products will be turned into compost and used in gardens and farms across the country. Any plastic items such as bottles or any paper items will be collected and recycled." Three cheers for Quantas leading the charge against plastic waste! 


Cheers to Winemakers Going B-Corp 

Now this is something we can really get behind — there's a new wave of winemakers becoming part of the coveted B Corp crew. This is important because B Corp calls for full transparency in the way a company conducts business — not just people and profits, but for the planet, too. Wine with a conscious is even more delicious. 


The Return of the Milkman 

Back in the day, our relatives got their milk delivered in glass bottles which were picked up when they were empty, refilled and reused over and over again. This was a planet-friendly practice that was working so well for the planet ... that is, until single-use plastics came along. Thanks to a subscription service called Loop from TerraCycle, we may be getting our own version of the milkman in 2019 but instead of everything being delivered in glass bottles, Loop uses existing plastic bottles and simply refills and redelivers them to you for a monthly fee. 


America Commits to Clean Power 

Whenever you are down about the state of the planet, just remember this data point: one in five Americans now live in a place that's committed to 100% clean power. Sure, some of the completion dates for this goal may seem pretty far off — New Mexico, for example, commits to being 100% powered by clean energy by 2045 while Washington state will be carbon neutral by 2030 — but as we keep saying around here, it's the small steps that add up to big impacts and this is a reason to celebrate. 


Your Turn 

What small steps are you taking to create a plastic-free world? We'd love to see what you're doing so please share your snaps with us on Instagram with the hashtag #PlasticFreeMovement. See you out there! 

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