Grab a Boobie Bundle for Breast Cancer Awareness

As a woman-owned and mostly-woman-operated company, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) is close to our hearts here at stasher. Each and every day we are working to educate the public about the health dangers of plastic, and we share that mission with organizations like The Keep A Breast Foundation.

So this month, we’re encouraging you all to grab your boobies (i.e. do a self breast exam) and pick up a limited edition “boobie bundle” featuring our rose quartz and raspberry stashers!

For every boobie bundle purchased, $3 will be donated to help further the mission of The Keep A Breast Foundation: “to equip young people with breast health education early on in their lives, by talking to them face-to-face about breast cancer in their own voice and on their own turf.”

Each boobie bundle delivery will also include information about The Keep A Breast Foundation’s Check Yourself App, helping you perform regular self breast exams and be your own advocate in the fight against breast cancer.

Through this special partnership, we hope to bring more awareness to the fact that using plastics to store food and beverages can actually lead to many serious health conditions, including breast and other cancers.

A lot of plastic food and drink packaging and storage options still contain BPA, which has been found to damage the developing mammary gland in a way which could increase the risk of breast cancer. In addition to being linked to breast cancer, studies have revealed BPA has contributed to prostate cancer, diabetes, fetal brain development, heart disease, and reproductive disorders.

Surprisingly, The FDA claims that BPA is safe at low levels, while the European Union believes it to be so harmful that they’ve banned it completely. Many companies are removing BPA from their products, but that doesn’t necessarily make them safe. Some manufacturers have simply replaced BPA with identical and equally as dangerous chemicals.

However, BPA isn’t the only toxin found in plastics that we should be concerned about.

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in many plastics and other products to soften them and increase their flexibility. They’re found in everything from medical devices and food packaging to nail polish and hairspray.

Even though phthalates have been linked to breast cancer and other medical issues, The FDA only “monitors” their levels in cosmetic products, while again, the EU has taken steps to ban certain phthalates linked to reproductive issues.

Thankfully, the plastic-free movement is finally catching on, not only as a response to health concerns, but in effort to protect the environment as well. We had a chat with Keep A Breast Founder, Shaney Jo Darden

"I love how the world is waking up to the dangers of single-use plastics! It inspires me so much to see many young people driving change in their own communities. It's actually so fun for me to have my purse filled with my bamboo utensils, stashers, glass straw, and reusable bag. I love all the strange looks I get from people when they see me pulling all this stuff out of my purse that usually turns into an enlightening and educational conversation about this serious topic."

Feeling enlightened yourself? Click here to grab a boobie bundle and support you health, the environment, and Breast Cancer Awareness. And hurry! It's only here for the month of October. 



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